Maintaining a classic, Fiat !

Fiat cars need maintaince as per regular schedule.

  • Engine Oil- Change engine oil every 10000 Kms along with gear oil and crown oil. If the car has done more than 50000 Kms then add some oil additives like Nulon etc, which helps in good lubrication and improved pick up.
  • Grease- Grease your car every 2000 to 3000 Kms with good quality grease. Grease at suspension, steering column, joint pipe etc. Check for oil in steering column onces a year
  • Use graphite grease for back leaf plates. Spray oil on leaf suspension on ever service.
  • Check fan bealt for tightness, replace if worn out. Replace timing belt in 137D and 138D every 100000 Kms. Check timing every 15000 kms.
  • Rust is the biggest enemy of a car, so get your under body painted and anti-rusted coated every 3 to 4 years depending on the location.
  • Have wheel alignment checked at regular interval and wheel balancing too.
  • Use Nitrogen in your car tyres, as the need not toping up quite often and they too give long life to your tyres.
  • Check for the tightness for all the wheel nut and carry essential tools as wheel spanner, screw drivers and a set spanners.
  • Check the spare wheel for air onces every two months.
  • Clean air filter with vacum cleaner or get it cleaned at a service station.
  • Change radiator water once a year or every 20000 Kms and add good quality coolant. Do not use ordinary tap water or borewell water. Use de-mineralised water or collected rain water only. Check for the pressure cap for worn out rubber washer.
  • Get the engine tuned-up after adjusting the distributor points and get timing chain checked.
  • Check head gasket and replace at regular interval. If your car has faced problem of thermostat fan failing to start in S1 model and coolant boils out of the cap from resorvior tank, wait untill the engine cools and then pour in distilled water and take the car to the nearest workshop and replace head gasket.
  • There may be some crake formed on the head, which need to alluminum welded and faced before placing on the engine with new gasket.
  • Thermostat switch if not available connect it with manual on/off switch inside car cabin for temporary use rather than puting it through out.
  • Never park your car in open area as rain and sun can damage the paint and the rubber beedings of your car.
  • Conceal the unused holes on the engine wall with foam tape, to reduce noise levels and use thermocoal sheets from inside to cover up holes.
  • Check battery electrolite for its level, and if alternator is old check for power rating output by qualified electrician, check fan belt for tightness.
  • Check all lights for there functionality and keep some basic tools with tourch and water for long trips. Better carry head light bulb and some extra fuse if go long.
  • Check list,
  • Check engine oil filter leakage, gear oil, crown oil, coolant, windshield washer.
  • Check hoses connection, waterpump belt, battery electrolyte level, apply petroleum jelly.
  • Clean airfilter every 5000 Kms, clean spark plugs, clean C.B. Points.
  • Check drive shaft boot rubber for wear and tear, check for any abnormal noise etc.
  • Do carry all RC papers along with insurance and pollution certificate.

 Use seat belts for safety. Happy Driving !!


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