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This site's prime objective is to help all Fiat1100 owners to keep up there cars for long, with technical and spare support from other members here.

Fiat1100, the Italian car in India known as THE Premier Padmini, was designed to last forever.

Premier Automobiles was founded in1944. In 1951, they began producing Fiat500 for Indian Market. This was followed by Fiat1100 in 1954. In1973 the Premier name was used on their cars for the first time.Premier President was manufactured in India from 1972 to 1975, then they changed the name to Premier Padmini till 1997. Premier Auotmobiles Limited, erstwhile flagship company of India`s Walchand Hirachand Group, assembled Fiat`s Fiat1100 cars from the 1950s until 1997. the car ruled Indian roads for three decades (1955-1997).

 The Fiat1100D based on the Fiat1200 GranLuce Berlina debuted in India in 1964 with a 1,089 cc 4-cylinder engine, instead of GranLuce`s 1,221 cc engine.

Premier manufactured it at their Kurla, Mumbai plant until they sold majority stake to Fiat SpA in Sept. 1997.

Varius names Fiat1100, Fiat Millecento, Fiat1100-Delight, Premier President and Premier Padmini.

                        Padmini                                                                 118NE

Wheelbase:   2,340 mm(92in)                                                       2,420 mm

Lenght:        3,905 mm(153.7in)                                                     4048 mm

Width:          1,460 mm(57in)                                                         1611 mm

Engine:            1,089 cc                                               1366 cc (137D), 1171 cc (Petrol)

Bhp:        40 bhp Ord, S1-48 bhp                                          41 (137D), 52HP(Petrol)

Torque:     70.6 N.m at 3000 rpm                                Valve clearance - 0.25 mm cold / 0.35 mm hot, both inlet and exhaust.


- Spark plug - NGK BP5ES with plug gap of 0.9 mm.
- Contact point dwell angle - 52 degrees.
- Condenser capacity - 0.22 micro farad.
- Compression pressure dry - more than 180 psi, 205 psi is ideal
- Manifold vacuum measured at bimetal strip inlet union - minimum 480 mm HG in idling condition.
- Static ignition tming with vacuum advance connected - 7 degrees BTDC.
- Engine idling rpm - 720 +/- 20.




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